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Graduate Institute of Architecture

Introduction to the Institute


The purpose of establishing this institute is to cultivate the architectural creative talents of its students.“Architecture” here is defined as the entire human living environment while “architecture art”indicates the intentional actions andcorresponding results that human contribute for molding theirliving environment. The emphasis of “art” is used for a clear distinction to other normal architectureinstitutes. The institution does not aim to create professional architects, but rather, it focuses oncertain environmental art topics to attract talents who are interested, and then applies deeper and moreeffective training to reinforce their creative abilities. The implementation of this training in society isalways emphasized in its teaching. It displays artistic expression through exhibitions, artistic activities,or communal events, so that the achievements of teachers and students can be affirmed by both theTaiwanese and international society. Minimum of credits required for graduation is 52 credits. Degreeconferred upon program completion: M.F.A.